Who We Are

88 acres creates healthy snacks, free of the most common food allergens, that are crafted with simple ingredients and designed for every body to enjoy. 

We built our own dedicated allergen-free facility in Dorchester (Boston), Massachusetts to ensure the highest safety standards for those affected by food allergies as well as quality control for all. We NEVER allow the following ingredients into our facility: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, fish and shellfish. Our carefully sourced ingredients come from the best farms and suppliers, and in many cases, are traced all the way back to the point of production.  

88 Acres Team

Further, as a mission-based organization, 88 acres stands on the following core values:

Economic Development - Build and operate production facility and hire from areas of need, while creating manufacturing and supplier partnerships that support farming and low-income communities. 

Transparency & Traceability - Provide complete traceability of raw ingredients all the way back to the field, ensuring safety for allergy sufferers and "connecting" all consumers with the family farms where we source our ingredients. 

Sustainable & US-Based Sourcing - Forge supplier (ingredient & packaging) partners whose environmental and business company aligns with 88 acres'. 

Education - Leverage healthy living, active lifestyle, food allergy and entrepreneurship partnerships to drive education and positive change within consumers and communities. 

For any questions, comments or just to say hi, please email us at Hello@88-acres.com