Farm To Pantry


We took into account multiple factors when determining who to partner with: safety for those with food allergies, local or US-based sourcing, and value alignment. It took us over a year to identify and form relationships with our current ingredient and packaging suppliers, a group of farms and partners of whom we are extremely proud.

Responsible Sourcing

We source from the best farms around—both locally and domestically—whenever possible. We look to source from farms that are in close proximity to our bakery in Dorchester. Our maple syrup comes from Vermont, and our cranberries are grown in Massachusetts. However, with some ingredients, local and allergy-friendly sourcing is not possible, such as with our chocolate or ginger. We work with single-source ingredient providers to reduce the risk of possible cross-contamination with top food allergens.

Our gluten-free certified oats are sourced from an industry-leading oat-only facility in Saskatchewan, which sources gluten-free oats from farmers who exclusively grow and harvest oats.

Small Batch Baking

Since the first batch of bars made in my Boston basement apartment, baking has been a simple process. It starts with great ingredients, a sheet pan, and an oven. Our bakery today looks no different. Our ingredients are still mixed by hand and baked on sheet pans, but we do have a bigger oven. We bake in multiple small batches each week as a team and touch every aspect of the process. By doing this, we feel as though we can provide the best possible experience for the consumer and ensure we keep that same made at-home goodness that we started with!