Our Story



I grew up on an 88 acre organic farm in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. My experiences on the farm gave me a strong connection to food, from tinkering in the kitchen with my mom as a child to working at the family farm stand as a teenager.

A few years ago I met the love of my life, Rob, and on our fourth date he almost died at dinner when his meal was cross-contaminated with nuts. The next day, I got rid of all the peanuts and tree nuts from my kitchen to help make Rob safe. I have no food allergies, but because of his, how I thought about food began to change.

We always struggled to find healthy, convenient snacks that Rob could eat but I would love as well. So I began experimenting at home with craft seed bars. We would take them on bike rides, and hikes, and throw a few in our bags to enjoy at work. Soon enough friends, both with food allergies and without, started to steal bites and place orders. After lots of rave reviews, we realized maybe we were on to something and the journey of 88 Acres began.

Our Team & Bakery

88 Acres’ recipes started in the kitchen. In order to provide the same baked at-home quality and feel of our original creation and safety for those with food allergies, we built out our own small-scale bakery in urban Boston. We knew we wanted to open our bakery in an area of need to drive job growth. We partnered with a neighborhood economic development group and a local food startup accelerator to make it happen.

Our Mission & Values

There is purpose behind every aspect of how we took 88 Acres from our beginnings of baking 
at home to launching a mission-based food startup. Four core values drive what we do.

Economic Development

Hire from our inner-city community & support team member growth

Sustainably Minded Sourcing

Work with partners who share our values


Provide ingredient & supply chain transparency


Foster wellness & sustainability in our community