The Story

Nicole Ledoux, CEO and Co-Founder of 88 Acres

From our very first batch to our next big idea, we’re always seeding a vision of simply better snacking in every craft bar, butter, and ‘nola. Nutrition that is all good for every body, always. That’s why we’re called 88 Acres: a reminder of the rural roots that bind farm to pantry, and heart to heart. Where you don’t have to fear food, and the whole family can enjoy the same great tastes.

Ours is pretty diverse – extreme athletes, everyday entrepreneurs, allergy-sufferers, and growing kids alike – which is why our recipes are diverse too. Still, every bite is packing that natural seed power: healthy fat, clean protein, and a spectrum of body-boosting minerals and antioxidants, all for a bigger energy from a smaller, simpler, cleaner source.

Making more from less is just what we do: more of that home-cooked quality from a smaller-scale, allergy-friendly bakery, and more community and personal impact from the small, everyday choices we’re making to live our values of betterment through mindfulness, and collaboration through transparency. Because delicious food doesn’t have to be at odds with nutrition or safety, and at 88 Acres we’re growing that change seed by seed.


Our Bakery

88 Acres’ recipes started in the kitchen. In order to provide the same baked at-home quality and feel of our original creation and safety for those with food allergies, we built out our own small-scale bakery in urban Boston. We knew we wanted to open our bakery in an area of need to drive job growth. We partnered with a neighborhood economic development group and a local food startup accelerator to make it happen.

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