What People Are Saying

88 acres bars packaging

"My first class travel snack."
- Tara, NYC Nutritionist


"They're non-gmo and oh-so-good. I love the Chocolate & Sea Salt bar."
- The Gluten Free Yogi


"Tastes like berry pie. Yum!"
- Caroline, Rhode Island


"This is perhaps the most amazing all-natural bar I have ever had in my life. Locally sourced, nut-free, and non-GMO makes these little pouches an amazing go-to for any mid-afternoon snack." 
-Rachele, Cycling Instructor 


"The apple ginger bar is to die for. I love ginger and I love finding pieces of it in the bar."
- @laventuredemavie 


"I love the farm-raised bars. They are tasty. I'm so happy to find dairy and gluten-free items that I can eat!" 
-Stacey, Boston


"The best food bar I've had. A delicious option for a protein bar! It is so good!" 
- Ana, Boston Chef


“Obsessed with the chocolate sea salt bars.”
-Caitlin, Brooklyn


"Thank you 88 Acres for allergy-free bars that are DELICIOUS. Patients will love these snacks." 
-Lauren, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist