Meet Nilza

Nilza is the superstar who ships out all of our orders. She started out working in the production room baking bars, but her passion for making our customers happy made her the perfect person to lead fulfillment. 

Fulfillment Manager

Start Date: 2014

Hometown:  Cape Verde

Why do you like working at 88 Acres?
I like working at 88 Acres because it’s a cool place to work at. The employees and our bosses are the nicest people to work with. I like how comfortable and well welcomed I feel ever since I started working for the company.

Favorite 88 Acres Snack?
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Seednola. That’s all I could eat when I was pregnant.

Favorite family recipe?
Lasagna made by my mother. After that comes rice, beans, french fries, fried eggs and steak.

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