The Seeds

Tiny powerhouses. Little superfoods. Small and mighty. Seeds are just good nutrition because life doesn’t stop, and your snack needs to keep you going.

Nutritionally Complete

  • Healthy Fats 
  • Complete Proteins
  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals

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Environmentally Sustainable

  • Small Water Footprint
  • Byproduct of Agricultural Harvest
  • Low on the food chain and low carbon emissions

Original Source of Fuel

  • Ancient civilizations included pumpkin seeds as staples of their diets
  • Sunflower seeds were first enjoyed by Native Americans ~3000 BC

Delicious & Versatile

  • Great for plant-based cooking
  • A snack for any time of day
  • Sweet or savory flavors

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The Seeds In Our Pantry


Sunflower Seeds



  • Harvested from the tall flowers, sunflower seeds have a hard, black outer layer that can be hulled to reveal a mellow tasting, tan kernel with a soft crunch. 
  • Along with a rich spectrum of minerals, each little seed is brimming with a duo of healthy fats and antioxidant vitamin E. Both work together to keep our body’s cells (from our hair, to our skin, to our lungs) supple and strong.
  • With deep roots, sunflowers grow best in drier climates and are known to be drought-resistant.
  • Pumpkin Seeds



  • There are just as many varieties of pumpkin seeds as there are pumpkin and squash. Each pumpkin has a slightly different kind of seed, but every pumpkin has an average of 500 seeds.
  • Bursting with a powerful blend of iron, zinc and magnesium - a trifecta of nutrients important for lasting energy, nerve, muscle and bone strength.
  • Full of all the amino acids our bodies need to create hormones and new tissues, pumpkin seeds are an incredibly nutrient-rich source of protein.
  • Flax Seeds  



  • Harvested from the flowering grass crop that grows in northern, cooler regions of the world. 
  • Seeds must be ground to access the abundance of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats and cancer-preventing compounds called lignans.
  • Contains fibers that keep our digestive systems strong and smooth, and keep the bacteria behind it functioning properly.
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