Meet the Mothers of 88 Acres

"From my mother I learned to be a better person. I learned that I have to respect others to be respected. She taught me that nothing is more valued than self-love and to always love others equally. "

Mothers DayFatima

2 children
Ages 9 and 15

Mothers Day Celina

2 children
Ages 22 and 9

Mothers Day Melia

1 child
Age 24

Mothers Day Angela

6 children
Ages 17,19, 21, 26, 27, 29

Mothers Day Gusta

4 children
Ages 20, 22, 24, 26

Mothers DayPatricia

1 child
Age 2

Mothers Day Helena

3 children
Ages 3, 17, and 23

Mothers DayTina

2 children

Mothers DayCarla

2 children
Ages 1 and 10

Mothers DayTracy

2 children
Ages 6 & 11

Mothers DayNicole

1 son, Emmett
Age 2

Mothers Day Nilza
1 "Princess"
Age 8 months

The best thing about being a Mom is…

Nicole: Um, the snuggles obviously. Everything! Teaching him stuff, watching his brain and personality develop, watching his eyes light up about everything. He sees wonder in the everyday and it's so amazing to see the world through his eyes. 
Nilza: Everything about being a Mom is perfect, but nothing beats looking down at my baby’s face and seeing her smile up at me.
Tracy: watching your children grow into independent, funny, smart people.
Fatima: Feeling loved by my family
Melia: It’s a privilege to see my kids growing up

The hardest thing about being a Mom is…

Nicole: Not fixing all his problems for him. I know that he'll learn best by struggling through things on his own, but it's hard not to step in all the time and quickly fix things for him. Also, dealing with tantrums isn't fun. Ha!
Nilza, Helena, Carla: When they get sick and you can’t help them feel better
Celina, Angela: when they become teenagers
Tina, Melia: Worrying when they leave the house
Gusta: Raising them as a single parent

My family's favorite homemade meal is…

Nicole: Rotisserie chicken, mashed butternut squash and brown rice. Or anything with ketchup. 
Melia, Carla: Rice and Beans
Celina: Pasta or Fruit
Tina: Salad and Fish
Gusta: Pasta, but they eat everything!
Angela: Spaghetti
Nilza: Since she’s still a baby she likes to eat yogurt and cereals right now
Helena: Lasagna

What is one thing you hope your kids learn from you?

Every mother at 88 Acres said that she hopes her children learn to be respectful. They also said...

Nicole: Pay attention to details, they matter. Work really hard. No one is going to hand anything to you in life. Be kind, but don't let anyone take advantage of your kindness. 
Nilza: I hope my daughter learns to be a great woman one day. To be caring, loving and lovely to the world.
Melia: To cook, clean and love
Celina: To be a hard worker
Angela: To listen and be honest

What is one thing you learned from your Mom?

Nicole: Work hard and surround yourself with people who make you feel better or push you to be your best. 
Nilza: From my mother I learned to be a better person. I learned that I have to respect others to be respected. She taught me that nothing is more valued than self-love and to always love others equally.
Tracy: Unconditional love.
Tina: My mother taught me to always work hard and value my education.
Gusta: She taught me to be calm.
Carla: I learned how to cook from my mom.

What is your kid’s favorite 88 Acres product?

Nicole: Pumpkin Seed Butter! He literally eats 1 jar a week!
Nilza: Nothing yet, but I’m guessing she will love our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bars when she grows up.
Gusta: They love Maple Seed Butter and Triple Berry Bars!
Angela: My kids can’t choose a favorite, they enjoy them all
Helena: My youngest loves the bars, all flavors!

What do you and your kids like to do together?

Nicole: Go to the New England Aquarium, eat good food, play on the playground and go to the farm. 
Nilza: Right now we don’t do much together, or at least she’s not really aware of what’s happening. But me, I love every single moment spent with my daughter. We eat together, play together, take naps together and we’re starting to travel the world together. Our first destination was Orlando, Florida, next is going to be Los Angeles, California!
Tracy: Go bicycle riding, go to the beach, watch movies, go out to dinner.
Helena: My kids and I love to just hang out, we watch TV, play around and we always cook together.
Celina: We go to the beach and camping every summer together.
Tina: I take them out for ice cream after dinner