Creamy Lemon Seed Butter Dressing

Dressing, revolutionized. Get some healthy fats and protein in from Watermelon Seed Butter instead of oil, and drizzle this dressing on everything from a grain bowl to grilled vegetables.



In a small bowl, combine the chopped garlic and lemon juice. Stir to combine and let the garlic infuse the lemon juice for about 5 minutes. Strain out the garlic and discard.

In a medium bowl whisk the garlic-infused lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt until combined. Add the Watermelon Seed Butter and stir to combine. Mixture will be very thick.

Slowly add the water to the seed butter mixture and whisk until smooth, adding more water until you reach the desired consistency.

Drizzle on a healthy grain bowl, fresh salads or grilled vegetables.

Lemon dressing with watermelon seed butter. This homemade dressing recipe is super simple, delicious, and versatile!  Lemon Watermelon Seed Butter dressing. Perfect for drizzling on salads, grain bowls, or meat dishes!