Southwest-Style Street Corn

Southwest Turmeric Dressing and grilled corn were simply made for each other. This recipe is inspired by Mexican-style street corn recipes that use mayonnaise as the glaze instead. Our Southwest Turmeric Dressing is not only bursting with a ton of flavor from cayenne, chipotle, onion, and garlic, but is also packed with plant-based protein, healthy fats, iron, and fiber.

corn on the grill  southwest-style street corn



Preheat your grill to high heat.

Place corn on the hot grill and close the lid.

Cook corn for about 3 minutes per “side,” rotating so that the corn is browned or charred on all sides.

Once the corn is tender and a deeper yellow color, remove it from the grill and brush Southwest Turmeric Dressing onto each corn cob with a pastry (or paint) brush. Sprinkle a bit of salt all over the corn and dig in.

Southwest-style street corn