Simple Snacks to Fuel After-School Sports

Students that participate in after-school sports need a little extra fuel for the day. Portable snacks should be designed to keep energy high without weighing bellies down. As a rule of thumb, try to pair a carbohydrate-rich food with something containing a bit of protein and healthy fat for an optimal balance that will power kids through a tough practice or championship match. These simple ideas take almost no time to prepare, and can be packed easily into a backpack or lunchbox. 

1. Pretzels with Seed ButterHealthy After School Snacks

2. Banana with Seed ButterHealthy After School Snacks

3. 88 Acres Craft Seed BarHealthy After School Snacks

4. No-Bake Chocolate Cranberry Energy BallHealthy After School Snacks


  • 1 Cup Rolled Oats
  • ½ Cup 88 Acres Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter 
  • ½ Cup Ground Flaxseeds
  • ½ Cup Dried Cranberries 
  • ⅓ Cup Liquid Sweetener of choice (maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, molasses, mashed banana or applesauce)
  • 2 Tablespoons Chia Seeds or Hemp Seeds (optional)


In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients and mix together with a spoon or with your hands. The consistency of the mixture should be slightly sticky but able to hold its shape when pressed. If the dough is too wet, add more oats a tablespoon at a time. If too dry, add more seed butter or liquid sweetener.

When combined, chill in refrigerator for 10-20 minutes to allow mixture to firm.
Roll into balls of whatever size you would like. The recipe should make about 2 dozen 1 1/2 inch balls. Alternatively, press flat into a baking pan and cut into bars.

Growing minds and bodies need healthy, protein rich foods all day long. Check out our dietitian approved tips on what to pack in a healthy lunchbox for every grade.