21 Ways to Use Seed'nola

Crispy. Light. Flavorful. Balanced. Seed’nola is all those things and more. What started as an upcycled product from our bar-making process to achieve a zero-waste Bakery has become a celebrated, stand-alone snack in five different flavors. Since Seed’nola became available in early 2015, we have been able to capture almost 15,000 pounds of deliciousness that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. And because food that’s thrown away emits the gases that contribute to climate change, saving those 15,000 pounds of food from the waste stream is akin to running 10 wind turbines for a year. Now that’s some snacking we can all get behind!

So in case you needed any more reasons to grab a bag for yourself and a friend, we’ve compiled our top 21 favorite ways to use Seed’nola. Did someone say ice cream topper?

Spiced Ginger Apple Seed'nola

1. By the Bagful

If you’ve ever wondered how many handfuls it takes to get to the bottom of a bag of Seed’nola, now is your chance. And with 80% of your Daily Value of Iron in every bag, you can find ways to justify your indulgence.

Seed'nola on top of ice cream

2. Ice Cream Topper

You might be thinking that something crunchy and healthy on top of something cold and indulgent couldn’t possibly work. But our new Seed’nola recipe is so light and crispy that it makes the perfect healthier sundae topper.

Breakfast popsicles

3. Seed'nola Breakfast Popsicles

Break out those popsicle molds and grab your favorite fruit, preferred milk of choice, and a serving of Triple Berry Seed’nola for a fun, colorful, and well-balanced way to start the day.

Seed'nola trail mix

4. Trail Mix

With oats, seeds, and other tasty mix-ins included, Seed’nola is already kind of its own trail mix. But you can also bulk it up for your next hike with your own textures and flavors, like chocolate chips, dried fruit, pretzels, or popcorn.

Seed'nola cereal

5. Cereal with Milk of Choice

Obviously. Seed’nola and milk were made for each other. Plus, it only has 5 grams of added sugar per serving, much less than some other store-bought cereals.

Seed'nola yogurt parfait

6. Yogurt Parfait

Again, made for each other. Our Seed’nola is the perfect combination of salty, sweet and crunchy to balance the yogurt’s creaminess and acidity.

seed'nola smoothie topper

7. Smoothie Topper

And yet again, a match made in heaven. With so many easy pairings, you might just want to grab yourself a bag of each flavor.

oatmeal topped with seed'nola

8. Oat Bowl Topper

Tomorrow morning, go for oats two ways. Whether you pull some overnight oats out the fridge on your way to work or slowly simmer a pot of steel cut oats, Seed’nola adds the texture you’re craving for breakfast.

9. Seed'nola “Cheese Ball”

Sounds weird, tastes amazing. Combine cream cheese with Vanilla Spiced Sunflower Seed Butter and roll it in Spiced Ginger Apple Seed’nola. Assemble a jealousy-inducing cheese plate with apple slices and crackers.

apple crisp

10. Apple Crisp Topping

Can everyone agree that the best part of an apple crisp is the crunchy topping? The good news is we’ve basically already made a gluten-free version of it for you in five different flavors. Happy baking!

11. “Shake and Bake”

Now it’s time to shake things up. Crush the Spiced Ginger Apple Seed’nola or pulse it in a food processor to give your crispy chicken a brand new look and extra nutrients to boot.

Seed'nola topped muffins

12. Muffin Topper

Whether you’re in the mood for a double chocolate chunk or a whole wheat oat bran, Seed’nola has you and your muffins covered, literally.


13. Salad Topper

How many times are we going to watch the pumpkin seeds, apples, or berries fall to the bottom of our salad bowls before we find a better solution? Cue Seed’nola.

breakfast cookies

14. Breakfast Cookies

Instead of buying all the separate ingredients for a healthy, oatmeal raisin cookie, use the same base ingredients, swap oats for Cinnamon and Oats Seed’nola, add a little extra milk or mashed banana, and bake. And since you’re an adult, you can go ahead and have one for breakfast.


15. Popcorn Balls

In your free time, why not melt some marshmallows, pop some popcorn, throw it all together with Seed’nola and chocolate chips, form them into balls, let them chill, and call it a day.

chocolate seed'nola bark

16. Chocolate Seed'nola Bark

You can pretty much add anything you want to your homemade chocolate bark - peppermint, hibiscus, pumpkin seeds, you name it. Try it with the little bits at the bottom of the Seed’nola bag next time for an all-in-one approach.

seed'nola fancy toast

17. Fancy Toast Topping

Yeah, we know you woke up like that, but did you then make fancy toast topped with Seed’nola for breakfast? We hope so.

seed'nola banana sushi

18. Chocolate-Dipped-Whatever-You-Want Topper

Apples, pretzels, bread, frozen bananas, broccoli, a mis-behaving child. Dip whatever your heart desires in melted chocolate and roll it around in some Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Seed’nola and you’ve got yourself a treat to remember.

seed'nola pie crust

19. Cheesecake Crust

Forget that graham cracker crust and go for something with a little more oomph and a whole lot less gluten. Like, zero gluten. What has gluten ever done for you, anyway?

chocolate seed butter energy bites

20. Seed’nola Energy Balls

Step one, pulse pumpkin seeds and oats in a food processor. Step two, add dates, seed butter, and salt and pulse again. Step three, form into balls. Step four, roll in Seed’nola for added crunch. Step five, run the world.

seed'nola fudge layer ice cream cake

21. Crunchy Fudge Cake Layer

Mix a bit of crushed Double Chocolate Mocha Seed’nola with some chilled Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter and spread it between two layers of cake. That is, only if you want the “Best Parent/Friend/Spouse of the Year” Award.