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Vanilla Spiced Peach Pops
This fruity, creamy, mouth-watering recipe for Vanilla Spiced Peach Pops was created by Laura Wright (@thefirstmess) and features our Vanilla Spiced Sunflower Seed Butter.
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No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Bars
This super easy, and even more mouth-watering recipe for no-bake chocolate fudge bars was created by Laura Wright (@thefirstmess) and is gluten-free, vegan, and can be made nut-free.
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Creamy Basil Jalapeno Garlic Sauce
This slightly spicy and intensely satisfying recipe for creamy basil jalapeno garlic sauce was created by Laura Wright (@thefirstmess) and features our Unsweetened Watermelon Seed Butter.
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Southwest-Style Street Corn
Southwest Turmeric Dressing and grilled corn were simply made for each other. This recipe is inspired by Mexican-style street corn recipes that use mayonnaise as the glaze instead.
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Rainbow Smoothies
When you’re looking for something easy, delicious, and healthy, let these Rainbow Seed Butter Smoothies be the answer. 
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How to Build a Powerful Salad
The most powerful salads start with a nutritious base, contain a source of protein and fat, and include a variety of different colors, flavors and textures from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. They're made perfect drizzled...
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Southwest Quinoa Salad
This Southwest Quinoa Salad is a hearty, flavor-packed meal made even more satisfying with a healthy drizzle of our Southwest Turmeric Dressing.
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Lemon Poppy Seed Salad
Lemon and poppy seeds are a bright and celebratory combination that makes us what nothing more than to celebrate the first fresh produce of spring with this simple arugula salad. 
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Pumpkin Seed Butter Chocolate Eggs
Remember those sweet chocolate “eggs” you used to eat around springtime as a kid? We recreated the memorable confection, adding Pumpkin Seed Butter to make them an allergy-friendly treat with a green surprise inside. 
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15 Healthy Snack Ideas
Here are 15 easy snack ideas to help you satisfy your salty, sweet, or crunchy cravings while also being nutritionally balanced and powerfully flavorful. And best of all, they all contain the 3 components of a...
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12 Ways to Use Watermelon Seed Butter
Watermelon Seed Butter is a one-of-a-kind ingredient that lends itself to so many creative kitchen experiments. To get you started, here are 12 of our favorite ways to use Watermelon Seed Butter. Happy cooking!
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